Molecular Microbiology

About Our Molecular Microbiology Testing Services

Virant Diagnostics provides genomic products that harness the power of cutting edge science and technology to deliver the fastest and the most accurate results.

Virant Diagnostics Molecular Microbiology Laboratory utilizes the high sensitivity and accuracy of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. Our same day results reporting will establish a more definitive diagnosis promptly. With Virant Diagnostics, clinicians can initiate appropriate targeted therapy, providing better patient care and achieving better patient outcomes.

Our molecular microbiology diagnostics eliminates the limitations of conventional methods by providing faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive results.

Traditional laboratory methods are labor-intensive, slow (result reporting in 3-5 days), and may even fail to reveal the etiology of a patient’s illness. Treatment can be challenging for providers, forcing “watch and wait” management that falls within a spectrum of over- and under-treatment. Examples:

  • Over-treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics that can cause unwanted side effects and drive antibiotic-resistance
  • Under-treatment of a patient with an overlooked simple, mild, “common” cold who inadvertently spreads the virus due to incomplete quarantine instructions; high-risk friend or family member is sent to the ICU days later



  • A myriad of microorganisms can cause non-specific, overlapping symptoms
  • Some microorganisms cause mild symptoms in certain populations, but are potentially fatal in others.
  • Other microbes are susceptible only to certain medications.

Targeted management can be challenging:

  • Is quarantine indicated? For how long and from whom? 
  • Should medication be initiated?
    • Supportive management, Antivirals, or Antibiotics?
    • Antibiotic resistance profile?