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The Virant Diagnostics Genetic Laboratory uses cutting-edge science and technology to provide accurate genomic testing.

About Our Genetic Laboratory

The Virant Diagnostics Genetic Laboratory is made up a team of experienced geneticists and molecular biologists. Our specialized knowledge and advanced laboratory equipment allows us to provide the highest quality molecular diagnostic services. We use a proprietary bioinformatics pipeline with the most up-to-date and relevant data to analyze your samples. Virant Diagnostics is ready to work with your team to improve patient care.

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Individual Gene Testing

Gene OMIM Exon(s)
C1INH gene Region
SERPING1 106100 2-8 Coding +/- 10 bp
Gene OMIM Exon(s)
nlC1INH gene Screen for known HAE Variant(s)
F12 gene 610618 9 c.983C>A, p.Thr328Lys
c.983C>G, p.Thr328Arg
KNG1 gene 619363 10 c.1136T>A, p.Met379Lys
c1720C>G, p.Pro574Ala
ANGPT1 gene 619361 2 c.807G>T, p.Ala119Ser
PLG gene 619360 9 c.988A>G, p.Lys330Glu
18 c2183T>A, p.Val728Glu
MYOF gene 619366 7 c.651G>T, p.Arg217Ser
25 c2576delG, p.Gly859Glufs*8
HS3ST6 gene 619367 2 c.430A>T, p.Thr144Ser

Small Panel Testing

Large Panel Testing