Genetic Diagnostics

About Our Genetic Laboratory

The Virant Diagnostics Genetic Laboratory utilizes the cutting-edge science and technology to design genomic testing with great efforts on further improving the sensitivity and specificity of rare disease diagnostics.

The Virant Diagnostics Genetic Laboratory has a team of experienced geneticists and molecular biologists with special interests in allergy & immunology and rare disease testing. Equipped with profound knowledge and advanced equipment, we are capable to perform high quality molecular diagnostic testing. We use a proprietary bioinformatics pipeline with up-to-date and relevant data to analyze test results. We are also able to provide services to meet specific and individual needs. Please refer Resources Page for more information.

Digital PCR detection of the most common mutation causing systemic mastocytosis: cKIT D816V with improved sensitivity of 0.005% and reportable sensitivity of 0.015 % mutated alleles, the most sensitive of all laboratories

Digital PCR detection of copy number variations of the TPSAB1 gene on the tryptase locus causing hereditary alpha-tryptasemia