Flow Cytometry Testing

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Virant Diagnostics is committed to offering patient-focused, informative, and impactful immune testing. We take pride in patient care with a focus on rapid turnaround time, expert interpretation reporting, and customizable testing solutions.

Standard Immunophenotyping Panel (SIP)

Screening for an immune disorder in patients with recurrent or unusual infections, as well as monitoring immunodeficiency, which could evaluate by the panels as below:

Basophil Activation Panel (BAT)

Basophil Activation Testing can assist in the management of patient’s food and venom allergies, which allows for targeted therapies, such as Oral Food Challenge or Oral Immunotherapy. The allergic condition of the patients will be evaluated through the basophil reactivity to the allergens with different titers.  The test for available food, seafood allergens and Hymenoptera Venom allergens listed as below:

Notes: A concurrent CBC/Diff should be drawn with SIP and BAT assays so that absolute cell values can be reported.

Sample collection

Result Reporting

The Flow Cytometry results will be reported to you and your office within 3 days of specimen receipt including an expert analysis and interpretation of the results, as well as optional patient’s personalized recommendations in the context of their clinical information.

Billing Information